No One Lives Forever

James Bond gets a competitor Cate Archer! She is intelligent, pretty, quick witted and dangerous! Cate might be as stylish and beautiful as any model, but on her missions she proves she can handle any situation and is just as capable as any of her male colleagues if not better!

No One Lives Forever takes you back into the swinging sixties! Turn back the clock to the colorful time of flower power, mini-skirts, funky music and great cars. But, of course, its not all daisies and happy living...there is also a threat. A threat of four letters: H.A.R.M.! This evil organization seeks world power and will stop at nothing to achieve its terrible objectives.

That's where Cate Archer hits the road and gets in action! The fragile peace of the cold war World rests in her and your hands. Slip into Cates character and fight the evil guys of H.A.R.M.

Over 15 missions give you the opportunity to sabotage H.A.R.M.'s plans, save the world and save Cate's pretty booty. From nerve wrenching tension to hardcore action - No One Lives Forever gives you everything! Your missions lead you from the deep depths of the ocean floor to the high heights of a space station and it takes all of your spy-ish talents to get out of there alive!

No One Lives Forever has a great storyline, wonderfully designed levels with a high level of detail, tons of fantastic humor and of course our attractive female protagonist. All those aspects make this game fun to play! And to put the cherry on the parfait, with Cate Archer Monolith gave us the sexiest hip wiggle of gaming history.

No One Lives Forever is rated T by the ESRB rating system.

No One Lives Forever 2: A spy in H.A.R.M.s way (NOLF 2)

Welcome back to the swinging sixties, the era where mini-skirts were hip and colored wallpaper with geometrical patterns were cool! Cate Archer returns for a second adventure where she is faster, better, more stylish and still very British.

Vanquish H.A.R.M and their vicious allies with stealth and sharp reflexes or rough up any enemy in your way. No One Lives Forever 2 lets you decide the best approach and allows varied game play! Taking the time to follow the absurd paper mill of the world's most bureaucratic evil organization, eavesdropping to the complaints of disgruntled soldiers of evil and getting acquainted with the assortment of Bond-ish gadgets at Cate's disposal is a must for any game lover. From the AK-47 to the laughing gas grenade...pick the weapon which suits you most!

This is also a great pick for those wanting more than mindless violence from a computer game. Your missions will take you through very different locations from Japan to Siberia, from India to Akron, Ohio. You will encounter original and creative characters - machine gun toting mimes, ninjas and Indian police officers to mention a few. 

The dialogue is sharp and witty, whether within the storyline or a discussion of mother poisoning between two female ninjas. The  Jupiter graphics engine which was created especially for the game  guarantees a great level design, with lots of details and great special effects!
The storyline of No One Lives Forever 2 is inspired, colorful and fun to play.

No One Lives Forever 2 is rated M by the ESRB rating system.

Contract Jack

Hard, harder, John Jack!
John Jack is a demanded contract killer who gets an offer from the notorious H.A.R.M. organization he cannot refuse: He has to infiltrate the Italian H.A.R.M. competitor and eliminate the problem along with its raving leader.

In over 10 missions you will brutally assassinate hundreds of enemies, maybe hit one or two buttons, and for once not sneak around a single corner! Contract J.A.C.K. is a true first person shooter! Although it is not like its forerunner No One Lives Forever 2, it still maintains a humorous dialog and unique style. The spy-ish gadgets (exploding kitties, lipstick spy cameras, bananas) have been replaced by rapid fire guns and grenades with those you will surely give your enemies a lesson in the art of killing!

The action of Contract J.A.C.K. takes place between No One Lives Forever 1 and No One Lives Forever 2, so you will get to use guns from both No One Lives Forever parts in addition to those specific to CJ. That's right, the bacalov corrector is back!

If you enjoy an exciting, fast paced game with blue bullets flying around your head and short reload breaks, then Contract J.A.C.K. is the right game for you!

CONTRACT JACK is rated M by the ESRB rating system.

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