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March 2020

Hello everyone,
We've met the hosting goal. We'll be around for awhile yet.
It's awesome to see support from the members of this community.
If you contributed, thank you, you rock .
We still have the monthly goal that keeps the NOLF and NOLF 2 gameservers up 24/7.
Please consider using one of the donation buttons (Paypal or Patreon) below to help keep them up.

 It's been awhile since I've reached out to our community.

So I'll get right to it.

Out hosting is up for renewal soon. Last year we did this and hit the goal of keeping this community going for another year.

I'm asking again to all of you again who still enjoy the NOLF game series as much as I do to help keep this going for all of us who enjoy these games.

This keeps the forums and downloads up and running 24/7.

Please use one of the donation buttons (Paypal or Paetron) on the forum to help keep us running.

February 3, 2020

Backups to the rescue. Our forum is back online. 

February 2, 2020

Our forum was hacked. Please see the message on the forum page. We're sorry for any inconvenience.
We've updated the NOLF GOTY, NOLF 2 and Contract Jack media downloads with a setup file that installs the complete game, patched to the latest versions with applicable mods needed to play the multiplayer versions. We've digitally signed the installers to protect from malicious tampering that can happen with unsigned media. 
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